April 16, 2015

Spring getaway to the U S of A

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J and I are escaping to Washington DC, Alexandria and Philadelphia for a getaway!

Well, technically it's more of a getaway for me than it is for J as he'll be doing a week long business course which prompted this trip in the first place, but it still counts right?

First stop: Washington DC to catch up with friends & see the sights over the weekend. J studied in DC and hasn't been back since he graduated so we'll be sure to check out some of his old watering holes and hang outs. I'll also be linking up with my blog buddy Setarra from Quaintrelle and I'm super excited!

The course is in Alexandria so we'll be there during the week, followed by a weekend in Philadelphia to celebrate J's brother's 30th birthday.
I've never been to an of these cities so I'm curious to hear suggestions on what you do if you were visiting for the first time? I'll try to avoid the tourist traps while still taking in the historical monuments and museums. So far my bucket list includes:

Washington DC
Cherry Blossom Festival
City Bike Ride

Foodie Tour of Alexandria

Rodin Museum
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Center City Jazz Festival

Any tips or tricks for how to see them like a local are greatly appreciated.

Also, and most importantly, food.

We're not fussy travellers, but we're fussy [and serious] when it comes to food! 

Any tips & hidden food gems in the DMV area [Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland] and Philadelphia that we should check out? 

So far my foodie Bucketlist includes:

Washington DC
Vietnamese Pho
Lobster rolls

Ethiopian - Alexandria has the largest Ethiopian expat community in the world, so I'm really keen to try my first Ethiopian meal at one of the many restaurants.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak

I'll be snapping away and sharing on InstagramTwitter during our trip, so you can follow along via @skiptomalouuu or #Jusloutravels


  1. Hey Malou :)

    I hope you will have a wonderful time in Washington, with a bazillion cherry blossoms and the most delicious pho soups ;) (I tried my first pho while I was visiting Seattle, and boy was it good!). Spring is in the air, and it is practically blooming all over Washington. Here in Colorado, spring has a bit of a late start, so I am still waiting with fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the follow, and I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful pics of your trip :).

    PS, I love your ladybug favicon ;).

    xX Zoe | http://life-gazing-and-wildstrawberries.blogspot.com/

  2. Definitely the Love Park and Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.

  3. Pat's and Geno's for the Philly Cheese steak!

  4. Philly murals! Weet zeker dat je dat leuk vindt.
    Hier onder 2 websites er over.



    Xx do