May 27, 2015

Island Diaries: Scrutineering

Right after gobbling down some souse, I met up with my friend Carrie for an afternoon of cars, cars and more cards.

Rallying is the largest spectator sport in the island, with annual international events bringing in major foreign exchange. The 'rally' industry in Barbados has grown exponentially in the last decade and competitors from as far as New Zealand came in for these events. Our annual rally season was well under way and my friend Carrie's boyfriend is a rally champion driver who needed a hand with some promotional stuff at the scrutineering event [scrutineering is the final check that rally cars have to have done before they enter into a rally the following day. The cars are all on show and people can come and view the cars and meet the drivers] I'm not rally fan by any means, but it was a fun afternoon spent taking photos of kids who thought that sitting in Neil's rally car was the best thing since Christmas. 

If rallying is your kinda thing, you can see more photos on Neil's team page.

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