May 26, 2015

Island Diaries: Souse!

Pudding & Souse, known simply as 'souse', is a traditional Saturday lunch for many Barbadians, also known as 'Bajans;. The souse is essentially pickled pork and the "pudding" is steamed sweet potato. Traditionally souse was made using all of the 'features': the pig trotters (feet), ear, snout and tongue. I prefer to use lean pork meat instea with very little pepper. The pudding is traditionally served in a casing of pig intestines [similar to British Black pudding] but these days that's pretty rare to find. In general, I prefer to eat pickled octopus personally (as I find the pork a bit too 'meaty') and wash it down with some rumpunch! 

Since leaving the island over 3 years ago, my Dad has become pretty obsessed with eating as much as souse as possible when he comes home!

This weekend was pretty hectic, in a 'full-of-great-people' sort of way, thanks to a Bank Holiday [Whit Monday] and plenttyyyy things going on!

My Dad and stepmum were visiting from Brazil so J and I hosted them for dinner along with my brothers and my aunt. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of the epic grilled sausages & burgers that were consumed, but I make an effort to put away my phone when sitting down to a meal.

On Saturday I met my Dad & the fam for a final 'souse sesh' [a family tradition at this point] before they jetted back to Brazil. 

This photo was actually taken a couple of months ago, but I dug it up for this post!

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