May 18, 2015

Mix Nutz Band Launch: Sundance

Our friends at Mix Nutz launched their j'ouvert band over the weekend and these photos are testament to the great time we had!
The Crop Over season has officially begun [for me at least]
Band launches seem to be getting bigger and better every year, and Bajan bands are being criticized for taking a leaf out of Trinidad Carnival's books. I don't see what the big deal is really, especially considering they're all upping their game to compete with each other as a result. The Mix Nutz guys hosted this at the derelict Earth Station and they did a fantastic job of transforming the space into a pretty epic party spot.
On another note, when it comes to my hair, I've had my fair share of paint party disasters - blond hair just loves to soak up paint! - so I tried to have the upper hand this time by coating my hair in hair oil and baby powder (this is why my hair looks grey in the 'before' photo below) Unfortunately it didn't work out this time, and 4 days later my hair is still as bright as a pack of skittles.

Before: Looking squeaky clean
My hair situation 4 days later! 

Note: all photos marked 'Sundance' are property of Mix Nutz, and were taken from their Facebook page. My blurry, paint smudged photos didn't quite do the party justice. The Mix Nutz J'Ouvert 2015 Band Launch was photographed by Andrew Browne Photography.

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