May 13, 2015

Green Market, Santa Cruz | Trinidad

This was only my second time visiting Trinidad & Tobago, and there's just something about this place that draws me in.
Perhaps its the energy, or the 'developed yet Caribbean' feel to the environment, or the fact that people seem more racially integrated than they are in Barbados. Whatever it is, I kinda like it and I have a feeling I'll be back there sooner rather than later.
Our days at the Forum were pretty long, so I didn't get to do much during the week. I was staying with my friend Danielle, who was the best host and also so patient and accommodating when it came to figuring out what my schedule was on a day to day basis! (Answer: no idea) 

We rounded off the Forum week on Thursday night with take out sushi for dinner and way too many drinks on my fellow Shapers' balcony overlooking Port of Spain. The view was breathtaking and the company was a result, Friday was one of the most painful days I've had in a long time. 

We were finally able to hang out and visit the Green Market on Saturday, after attending a really nice yoga class at Yoga 4 Youth.

Green Market is tucked away in the hills of San Antonio, with a similar vibe to Brighton Farmer's Market in Barbados, yet far more 'earthy' and low key. There were so many different stalls serving different breakfast options, from shark and bake to homemade ice cream, that I wish I could have sampled a little bit of everything.

We settled on some cheese empanadas followed with a bowl of famous pineapple chow. (Chow is a Trinidad salsa of sorts, using mango or pineapple as the base and adding lots of fresh herbs & pepper)

The pineapple chow chef reminded me of the department store scene featuring Mr.Bean in Love Actually, when he takes his cool time to wrap the perfect present:

Thankfully we weren't in a rush, because Mr. Pineapple Chow Man painstakingly crafted each bowl as though it were a personal work of art, all for TT$20 (US$3.20)

The final result was heavenly to look at and eat.

We polished off our pineapple before grabbing a few jars of local peppersauce, honey and organic chocolate as gifts. 

I would highly recommend visiting this market when you're in Trinidad! As expected, the produce is more expensive than in the supermarkets but it supports local farmers and local organic initiatives. The experience is definitely worth the early morning wake up on a Saturday.

This trip was short but sweet and I can't wait to be back in TT for new adventures soon! I'd love to explore more of the country outside of Port of Spain, especially since meeting an environmentalist who was telling me all about the turtle conservation projects that she works on along the North coast of the island. 

Until next time 'Trickydad'!

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