November 18, 2015

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

As most of my friends know, I'm not much of a hiker, walker or climber, so when Jus suggested we include Pfeiffer State Park at the end of our Big Sur road trip, I was more excited about the prospect of taking some fun photos of Redwood trees more than anything else. 

Well, our drive along the coast took longer than expected, and we ended up racing against the clock to make it to the Park before it closed. 

When researching and planning our trip, I read endless travel blogs and sites that warned against rushing to do too many things when exploring Big Sur. I didn't really take this seriously and we tried to fit it all in to one afternoon (We had the next day as 'back up' but figured we could see it all in one day) We were wrong. Oh so wrong!

After getting lost (Google Maps isn't great when it comes to Park entrances), followed by a typical lover's quarrel in a car (I still stand by the fact that it wasn't my fault for getting lost) we finally made it to the park and had a leisurely stroll along one of the more basic trails.

Some of you reading this post may be disappointed to see that we only saw one 10th of Pfeifer State Park and to those of you I say, I hear ya. We did miss out on quite a lot by trying to do too much. The irony is too real and we learned our lesson! 

So what do you do with an afternoon in a park when you're not really a 'nature' kinda gal?

You pretend you're a fairy and play around in foliage of course. 

Spot the Bajan....

After our 'hike' we drove back to Monterey for dinner on Fisherman's Wharf. Our meal was pretty incredible and after eating enough crab to satisfy the crabbiest of cravings, we decided to head back to our motel and call it a night. 

One of the things I struggle with when visiting the States is the food portions; and even as someone who can eat (a lot) I couldn't touch my main meal after eating an enormous appetizer. I couldn't face wasting perfectly good, untouched food, so we asked for a doggie bag. We saw a homeless guy on the street on the way to the restaurant so we planned to offer our meal to him. When we got outside, we couldn't find him, but I was sure that we would see someone else who may need a free meal. We were about to give up hope as we neared our car and didn't see anyone in sight. Out of nowhere, a group of teenagers appeared, walking a dog. They saw J standing there with his container in a plastic bag and asked:
"Hey mister,  can you spare any leftovers?"
"Of course! Here, enjoy!"
They giggled and I heard one of them mumble "score" as we happily handed over the food and watched the group of 4 sit down at a nearby picnic bench. They all began to tuck in and even gave some to the dog.
I don't know whether they were genuinely needy or not, but I wish more restaurants could offer to redistribute leftovers to local soup kitchens, food pantries, and homeless shelters. A lot of people argue that you can't give away food or donate it for a number of reasons, but I have personally seen so many people accept food (decent, cooked and cold food) that I can't stand the thought of wasting it.
If food and/or food wastage is your thing, check out this video by John Oliver for some food for thought ;) 

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