March 25, 2017

#IslandDiaries: Over the moon when we're under the sea

Hannah and I arranged another swim on Friday, to shake off the stress of the week and to get ready to celebrate the weekend!

It's so inspiring to see Hannah under water, she really moves like a mermaid and I end up looking like a spastic duck. With some patience and practice I may graduate to a penguin one day. I'm starting to be more conscious of my breathing, so I'm making slow progress. At one point I did get too excited when I was shooting with Hannah's big professional camera underwater and ended up staying under for wayyyy too long - reminding me that I need to schedule my first course with Trident Freedivers

These shots were taken in Carlisle Bay and even though we've both swam here a million times throughout our lives, we always manage to find something new to shoot and explore.

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