May 27, 2017

5 great reasons to visit Barbados this summer

From parties to rallies and performing arts to lower prices and mud parties, there's quite a lot going on in this little island in the coming months, so I've put together this list of 5 great reasons to visit Barbados this summer:

1. Low Season = lower prices (May - Oct)

Not only are flights cheaper during the months of April - October, but hotels and local businesses in Barbados have a plethora of great deals. Sugar Bay Resort, an all inclusive boutique hotel, also has some golf and dive packages. There is an island wide 'Kids Play and Stay Free' deal until the end of October, which you can read more about here. If you decide to come visit Barbados with your kids, you can get in touch with Island Sitters about childcare during your holiday! Airbnb is another great option when visiting Barbados of course, with our list of hosts growing daily.

2. CROP OVER Summer Festival (May - August)

Besides being one of the best, and fastest growing, Caribbean festivals, Crop Over has something for everyone. There are booze cruises, breakfast cruises, beach parties, paint parties, bougie parties and foam name a few. Between May - August there is non stop party action in Barbados. People flock to Barbados from all over the world to party in paradise and they get better and better every year. Most of our parties are 'all-inclusive', so you pay a set price for the ticket and premium alcohol and food are included! 
My favourites are j'ouvert (a paint party) and the Grand Kadooment (Street Carnival) which takes place on the first Monday of August. Both of these parties deserve their own blog posts, but in a nutshell: 
  • J'ouvert, which means "dawn" or "daybreak", is a paint/mud/chocolate party that usually starts very early in the morning (like, 3am kinda early) and can go on until noon! You can choose from various groups to play with, namely Mix Nutz and Caesar's Army. 
  • Kadooment is a street Carnival concept similar to Brazil Carnival and it's the grand finale of the Crop Over season in Barbados. You can 'jump' Kadooment with various bands, namely Baje International, Harbour Lights and Xhosa.

3. Rally Barbados (June)

The SOL Rally Barbados event is really pretty spectacular, even if it's just to hang out and have a good time with friends (in the bush, with a barbecue and coolers full of beer!). With over 93 crews participating from all over the world, there are 'stages' positioned all over the island and the atmosphere is always high energy. West Indians love to make noise, and a there ain't nothing like a car flying through a tight corner to rile 'em up. You can find out more details here. 


Every two years, CARICOM and CARIFORUM countries of the Caribbean and Latin America gather to celebrate the spirit of the region through the expressions of Art, Music, Food, Folklore, Theatre and Dance at the Caribbean Festival of Arts known as CARIFESTA. In 2017, Barbados will be hosting the 13th edition of this Festival with participation by over four thousand artists, artistes and artisans! The theme of CARIFESTA XIII is “Asserting Our Culture, Celebrating Ourselves”, and the programme of performing arts (music, theatre, dance, poetry); visual arts, fashion, food and literature, will represent a pot pourri of cultural expression from 23 Caribbean and Latin American countries. Read more about it and the line up of events on their website.

5. Calm waters = perfect snorkelling, paddling and diving conditions (June - Sept) 

Barbados is one of the top dive destinations in the world and it's no wonder; with beautiful, shallow reefs, shipwrecks and friendly sea turtles, this island is a great place to explore underwater. The water is very calm during these months, so it's a perfect time to explore every dive and snorkel spot around the island. There is a Dive Fest Barbados taking place early July, with trips to the lesser known East Coast of the island, beach clean ups and lots of other activities.

Are there any other events going on in Barbados over the summer that I should add to this list? Let me know! 

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