July 18, 2017

A first timer's food guide to New York

Visiting New York City for the first time can be extremely overwhelming to say the least; there is just so much to do, see and eat in this incredible city.

You can literally find anything in New York, from dumplings to donuts, and everything in between! In a city with this much choice, it's usually best to visit with some sort of game plan: this ensures that you not only get a table at the more popular restaurants, but you can also budget and plan around your food schedule. Trust me, there's nothing as frustrating as settling for a mediocre meal because you are just frustrated and resorting to the easiest, quickest option. Here's a list of a few tried and tested food spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you have some places you would like to add to this list, please let me know! I'm always down to try something new.


  • Spanish tapas paired with amazing wines
  • Great for: Dinner, small groups and for sharing
  • Price point: Mid-high

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Butcher's Daughter

  • Fresh, delicious vegetarian good in a beautiful setting
  • Great for: Breakfast
  • Price point: Mid- High range

Chelsea Market

  • A labyrinth of food from around the world. They have deals for happy hour from 5-7pm.
  • Great for: Any time of day! Drinks, snack, hangover cures.
  • Price point: Low to high


  • Huge Italian market with everything from fresh pasta, to delicious wines and gelato.
  • Great for: any time of day, especially your birthdays (they have the most awesome birthday t-shirts!)
  • Price point: Low to high

Fette Sau BBQ 

  • Southern style BBQ meets German love of meat (Don't bring your vegetarian friends here)
  • Great for: Lunch, dinner, curing hangovers
  • Price point: Mid range

Flex Mussels

  • 23 sauces to choose from including Bangkok and Italiano
  • Great for: Dinner
  • Price point: Mid range

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Friend of a Farmer

  • Delicious, homestyle food
  • Great for: Breakfast, lunch, brunch
  • Price point: Mid range


  • Order the pork belly and mushroom steamed buns. You can thank me later.
  • Great for: Dinner
  • Price point: Mid range


  • Delicious ramen
  • Also a great option if Momofuko is a long wait
  • Great for: Dinner
  • Price point: Low to Mid range

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  • Some of the best ice cream I've ever tried, with new flavours every week.
  • Great for: all day, every day sweetness.
  • Price point: Low (ish)

Pizza Beach

  • You can't leave a pizza option off of a New York food list!
  • Toppings range from simple to quirky
  • Good for: Dinner, brunch
  • Price point: Mid range

Russ and Daughters Cafe

  • Jewish deli in the Lower East side with the most amazing smoked fish dishes. 
  • Great for: Breakfast, lunch, date with your grandma.
  • Price point: High but worth the treat.

Do you have anything you think I should add to this list? Please let me know!
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