September 12, 2017

Sugar Bay Staycation | Barbados

“People say you have to travel the world. Sometimes I think that if you just stay in one place and keep your eyes open, you’re going to see just about all that you can handle.” - Paul Aster. 

Friends of ours convinced us to try out a 'staycation' at Sugar Bay Barbados, a family run, boutique hotel, and we loved it! We came away from the experience totally relaxed and excited to do it again one day.
I decided to try something new and surprised J with a staycation for his birthday. Growing up in Barbados, my Dad managed a hotel at one point, so I'm quite comfortable and familiar with how they are run. This 'insiders' perspective also meant that I never really considered a 'staycation' until recently, after our friends told us about the local rates and how much they enjoyed it. 

Most tourist destinations in the Caribbean have 'local' and 'visitor' rates, to encourage the locals to support the businesses, especially during the low seasons. It seemed like a no brainer after doing some research: enjoy a weekend at a cute hotel, with a beautiful beach and nice food and cocktails to boot? Yes please!
Sugar Bay is a relatively new boutique hotel on the South Coast of Barbados. The owners run a few hotels and businesses in the island, and recently bought and renovated this little gem. Everything still has that new 'fresh' feel to it, its beautifully decorated and the beach is stunning.
From the moment we arrived it was smooth sailing and the entire team at Sugar Bay are incredibly friendly. Our room was cute with nice tropical touches and local art. 

The hotel is laid out in various 'sections' and each one has a unique look and feel, with a charming beach bar area and cabanas on the beach. As you can tell, I'm more of a beach person than a pool person, but there is a large pool with a 'swim up' bar as well. 

Our days were spent chilling on the hammocks, sipping cocktails (without straws), reading books, soaking in the sea, snoozing on the cabanas and catching up with friends, who also happened to be enjoying a staycation that weekend. We enjoyed dinner at the sushi restaurant and late night drinks and a game of pool at the pub (All of this is part of the hotel) I couldn't help but snap some of these photos as everywhere just seemed so 'Instagrammable' but I did try to turn my phone off and be present in the moment as much as possible.

You know it's been a relaxing getaway when the only thing you need to worry about is whether you've applied enough sunscreen. 

In our quest to see as much of the world as possible, we're guilty of overlooking what's happening or available in our own backyard. Not only that, but when we're at home it seems that much more difficult to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I'm so happy we gave Sugar Bay a chance and I can't wait to explore more staycation options in the future. 

You can check out Sugar Bay via their website, TripAdvisor, Instagram and Facebook page.

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored or endorsed by Sugar Bay Barbados, I'm just giving my honest review as I really enjoyed our time there.


  1. These pictures are amazing! It looks like a true paradise.

    1. Thank you! I hope you can visit one day! :)