November 19, 2017

Barbados Local Gift Guide 2017

Here's my second instalment of my Barbados Local Gift Guide!

This guide features gift ideas that are made right here in Barbados. You can read my 2016 guide and a bit of background here.

This resource is designed to make it easier for you to find local gift inspiration for your holiday shopping list. It was curated in a few ways; I researched most of these brands over the course of the last year and also crowdsourced some of these recommendations. I tried to:
  • Make sure I did not repeat any products from last year
  • Include a wide range of products and ideas, for men and women (which is a LOT harder than it sounds!)
  • Exclude popular brands that have been around for a while 
  • List items that I like personally
  • The items below are either made in Barbados or made up of over 75% local products. 
  • Sustainability was also a focus for me personally this year, so I have included a local brand that is offering sustainable products in Barbados. 
If you have any recommendations or comments, please let me know. 

These are listed alphabetically.

Aimee St.Hill Print Design

Aimee is a freelance textile print designer with a focus on women's fashion and home accessories. Her designs are bright and noisy and dense with patten, illustration and abstract motifs. You can browse her portfolio on her website.

Caribbean Blue

This eco company has started selling zero waste and eco-friendly home and lifestyle products including bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel straws, cups & bottles and more. Though not locally produced, I wanted to include this in the list because buying one of these products is a sustainable choice, and Caribbean Blue also stocks local brands that produce body products, such as Bajanique and Seaglass. You can order via the Facebook page. 

Charity Donations

Donating to a charity on somebody's behalf can be a very meaningful gift and picking a charity can be just as heartwarming as choosing just the right pair of earrings. The Caribbean Policy Development Centre has a regional NGO/Charity directory and the ASPIRE Foundation also works with a number of charities that you can check out. In Barbados, donations can be claimed on your annual income tax return. Just make sure you get a receipt from the charity you are donating to.
Similarly, a number of charities have calendars for sale, such as the Barbados RSPCA and the Little Pink Gift Foundation. The Barbados Synchronised Swimming team is also selling Christmas cards handmade by the team! 

Cummins Cutting Boards

This isn't officially the name of these cutting boards, but they're made by Raymond Cummins and I thought this had a nice ring to it! These beautiful "End Grain" cutting boards are handmade using pine and purple heart and then treated with mineral oil and wax to seal them. Aside from aesthetics there are many remarkable features to a board like this; they are extremely durable (Any slice marks you may manage to impart on one will self heal) and the fact that the boards are made of wood means your knives will hold their edge. And finally, wood has its own natural antibacterial properties. You can contact Raymond for custom sizing and orders via

Island Sitters Gift Certificate

Shameless plug here for my own babysitting agency, but we have recently started offering Gift Certificates - so you can give parents the gift of a night off. You can get in touch with Island Sitters via the contact form on the website.

Make up doll cosmetics

Not only are these locally made hyper pigmented products beautiful, but they're vegan and cruelty free, which is a must for me, personally! They ship worldwide and you can shop their products on their website.


These adorable stuffed toys are made in Barbados using 100% wool and there isn't a single hazardous tag or button to be found! They're soft and cuddly, the perfect gift for the littles in your life. You can contact Peekaboo via

Pieces of Paradise

This beach inspired home decor is hand crafted, up-cycled, re-purposed, reclaimed and island sourced. These sea urchin clusters are my favourite! It was really difficult choosing one photo for this post, but so be sure to check out the wide variety of items on Facebook. Melissa also custom makes any piece that you see on her Facebook page, so you can get in touch and let her know what you're looking for. 

Sally Henry

Sally is a Barbados based artist who uses ceramics as a canvas for creative expression inspired by Caribbean nature -images, colours and patterns. Her pieces are bright and whimsical portrayals of black belly sheep, flying fish, chickens and other traditional Bajan imagery, to name a few. You can contact Sally directly via or say hello at one of the upcoming Christmas markets.

Spa L'Escentials 

These products smell so good you may be tempted to take a bite out of them. From soaps to bath bombs, Portia's products are infused with natural plants, flora, & fauna from across the Caribbean. I even keep one of her minty bath bombs in my bag so that I can a nice whiff every time I dig through it! You can check them out on Facebook.

Sue Holder

Sue's products are 90% photographic; she produces canvases, prints on archival Paper, waterproof vinyl prints on PVC and a yearly range of calendars. Sue's smaller items include cards, magnets, key-chains, notebooks, bookmarks and christmas tree decorations. Sue's quirky images of seascapes, Barbadian animals and scenery are about as Bajan as you can get! You can contact Sue at

Sweetheart Sandals

Launched in 2016, Sweetheart Sandals is a small shoe company based in Barbados. Every pair is designed and handcrafted in Barbados. These whimsical, colourful shoes are made of genuine leather but they offer vegan and Barbados black belly sheep leather options by special request. They also give back by donating a percentage of sales of certain models to charities such as the Barbados Cancer Society. You can order via Instagram.


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