February 18, 2018

To dog sled or not to dog sled? | Colorado

While visiting Colorado, some friends suggested that I check out dog sledding. The idea of spending a day in the snow with 10 cuddly, beautiful dogs seemed amazing, so I did a bit of research. Though I, like most people, believed that “these dogs are built for this” and "sledding is in their genes," I didn't consider or know anything about the cruelty in the sled-dog races and sled-dog tourism industry.

Though the dogs truly seem to love to pull the sleds, this this is only a tiny part of what actually makes up the industry. Based on 10 minutes of research, dog sledding gets a firm 'no' from me.

I recommend this post by The Compassionate Road for further reading on dog sledding.
There are so many animal related activities/tours/photo ops that have been considered the 'norm' for so many years around the world; from taking photos with monkeys on the beach, to swimming with dolphins, visiting circuses with animal acts, riding elephants and visiting tiger 'sanctuaries.' I myself was guilty of partaking in many of these activities on my travels throughout the years, but now I know what to look for in ethical animal experiences.

I believe that the billion dollar travel industry can become a force for good, and it's up to us as conscious travellers to do a bit of research, ask the right questions and decide what we will support from not.

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