March 24, 2018

Island Diaries: Freediving and a Lionfish Hunt

There's no better way to end a busy work week than to go free diving, lionfish hunting and capping it all off with a lime on the beach, so when my friend Hannah invited me to join her on one of her "Freedive Fun Fridays", I had to say yes.

Johanna is a childhood friend who recently moved back to Barbados from Australia and started a free diving school, Trident Freedivers, through which she teaches free diving and also hosts spearfishing tours. You've seen her in some of my underwater photos on here and Hanna herself has a kickass social media following thanks to her incredible underwater shots. It's so awesome having someone like Hannah here, not only because she's a childhood friend, but because she is a great example of someone who offering sustainable, environmentally conscious travel experiences in Barbados. 

Every week or so, Hannah hosts a "Friday Fun Free dive" session with friends, who are invited to join in on a free dive (usually in various locations around the island), which has more recently been coupled with a lionfish hunt, fresh ceviche and rum.

Sidenote on lionfish: these pesky buggers are an invasive species in the Caribbean and they reek havoc on our marine ecosystems. In a nutshell, hunting them is one way to keep their populations in check. Because of this, they are listed as one of the most sustainable fish choices in Barbados on the Barbados Sustainable Seafood Guide.

We explored a wreck off of Batts Rock and the 'hunters' in the group managed to shoot a number of lionfish on our way to and from the wreck. Once we were back on shore, Hannah filleted the fish and mixed the meat together with some chopped onions, sweet pepper and lime juice that she had prepared beforehand. Filleting lionfish takes practice, patience and skill, as lionfish have a set of venomous spikes along their backs and tummy. Although not fatal, the sting of a lionfish is extremely painful.

Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the ceviche because it was dark by the time it was ready, but believe me when I say it was delicious! The fact that it was sustainable and healthy was a huge plus.

This image was taken by Trident Freedivers


  1. What a beautiful fish, and I can only imagine how delicious it must have tasted. Interesting experience, thanks for sharing!

  2. amazing pictures! what amazing fish! I love your blog/website set up!!