September 6, 2018

10 reasons why you need travel insurance for international travel

When I start planning a trip, whether it's booked way in advance or just a few days (or even hours) before I'm set to depart, there are a few essential things I need to check off of my list before I can leave. 

One of those things is travel insurance. It's not the sexiest thing to talk about when it comes to planning a trip, but then again, neither is lost luggage, cancelled flights or (god forbid) accidents abroad. Travel insurance is just as important as packing the right outfits and planning where to eat. 

Since my first big trip in 2010, I've been using World Nomads when travelling internationally and my brothers and friends are now on board as well. 

I was a bit apprehensive about travel insurance at first, for a number of reasons:, 
  • I am from Barbados and I just assumed an international company wouldn't cover me/my passport.
  • I was bouncing around to quite a few countries during that trip.
  • I was visiting 'high risk' countries in South East Asia
  • I assumed I couldn't afford it

I hate to admit it, but I even considered scrapping travel insurance altogether (!) but my more responsible friends reminded me that that was a very silly idea. Quite a few of them had personal experiences that resulted in them needing their travel insurance to cover their expenses and losses. A few of them also shared horror stories of medical emergencies gone wrong and lost luggage because they didn't have travel insurance.

Travel Insurance isn't as expensive and complicated as I once feared, so I'm happy that I finally bit the bullet and did it for that first trip. Since then I've used World Nomads for my travels to Asia, Europe and North America. I've also booked and secured insurance while I was already on my trip, because I forgot to do it beforehand!

Why is travel insurance important?

Here are 10 reasons why you need to get travel insurance for your next trip.

Get reimbursed for:

1) Medical emergencies
2) Loss, theft or damage of baggage
3) Trip cancellation, delay or interruption
4) Emergency evacuation
5) Experienced professionals who know how to deal with almost any situation

Other reasons why you need it:

6) Enjoy peace of mind while traveling
7) Claim online or call 24-hour phone support
8) It costs a fraction of your total trip
9) You probably can’t afford not to be insured
10) Have the confidence to fully experience your journey

I’ve found World Nomads to be really affordable and they have comprehensive plans that cover just about anything that could go wrong while you’re travelling around the world. 

And they’re also trusted by the best:


You can get an instant quote from them on the widget down below.

Have you ever had to use your travel insurance when abroad? I'd love to hear from your personal experiences! 


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