September 24, 2018

5 ethical eats in London

In anticipation of my upcoming trip to Miami and London with American Airlines and Going Places Travel tomorrow, I reached out to Georgina Wilson-Powell, the editor and founder of pebble magazine, the UK’s award winning title for stylish, sustainable living, to get some insider info on ethical eats in London. Georgina has lived in London on and off since 2006, so I knew she would be in the know about ethical spots to check out during my trip.

Before sharing this list, I wanted to share a bit more about what is considered a sustainable or ethical restaurant:
Though there are varying definitions of what is considered sustainable and ethical, there are a few organisations that recognise and award restaurants specifically on the basis of sustainable practices. For example, According to the Sustainable Restaurant Association, their rating assesses businesses across all aspects of their policies and operations and their influence across ten key themes under the headings of Sourcing, Environment and Society. Together these define a ‘good’ restaurant or foodservice business. Whether it’s chefs creating beautiful new menus that celebrate vegetables or finding new ways of using less plastic, sustainable restaurants are using food as a force for good.

Don’t miss these 5 ethical eating spots when visiting London


If you're in town at the end of the week, make a booking at Cub, a fine dining partnership between award-winning, zero waste chef Douglas McMaster and London’s finest mixologist Mr Lyan (Ryan Chetiyawardana ). The tasting menu is uber seasonal, mixes up unusual drinks with vegetarian dishes and the kitchen creates practically no waste by using inventive cooking methods. 

For pebble’s review click here.

Redemption Bar

Vegan you say? Teetotal as well? That’s no problem at Redemption in Shoreditch, which has built a reputation for being a fabulous bar that doesn’t serve booze. Book (essential) for a weekend brunch that’s healthy and delicious (hello power bowls and buckwheat pancakes). All the dishes are sugar and gluten free, while the non alcoholic cocktails have been so popular they’ve just released a mocktail book.

Organic farmers and veggie box delivery guys, Riverford, also have their own proper pub in Angel - and it’s a hearty delight. Think proper Sunday roast dinners with organic meat and seasonal veg, plenty of veggie and vegan options, local craft beers and biodynamic wine. Best of all, there’s no pretense here in this wooden floorboards, mismatched furniture Victorian boozer. It’s the perfect place for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

You haven’t really sampled east London’s best bread until you’ve been to E5 Bakehouse in Hackney. Set in a railway arch, this small but mighty bakery has been responsible for a sourdough revolution in the capital. Much of its bread is delivered by bike, they use organic or heritage flours and help other microbakers get started. Pop by on the weekend, pick up a loaf and a flat white, head over to Broadway Market for deli snacks and have a picnic in London Fields. Mind the hipsters.

Londoners still love their steak, so if you’re a meat eater there’s no place better than St John, who are a small chain of three restaurants, a winery and a bakery run by fantastically passionate chefs and butchers. It’s all about ‘honouring the whole animal’ here, using every part and making the best out of it. They educate diners about more unusual cuts so less is wasted and what these guys can do with simple sourdough is unbelievable. It’s not cheap but it’s simple, sustainable and a real treat.

Georgina Wilson-Powell is the founder of pebble magazine, the UK’s award winning title for stylish, sustainable living. She has lived in London on and off since 2006.


  1. Man I love London and how diverse it is eating wise!!

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