September 13, 2018

Falling in love with Grenada

We just returned from an incredible weekend in Grenada, and I wanted to share our experience on here while it was fresh on my mind! My boyfriend, J, was planning a business trip to the Spice Isle and suggested that we plan to celebrate his birthday there during the same trip. 

I must admit that when J suggested we hop over to Grenada for a long weekend, I was caught off guard by the fact that I didn't know that much about our island neighbour. Though we are only about 160 miles (and a 30 minute flight) away from each other, I had never been before, nor did I know many Grenadians. J had been there before for business, but he had never really spent that much time there as an adult, so we were both really excited to explore and learn more.

I quickly started Googling, and aside from the history and main facts, I found quite an extensive list of things to do in Grenada by bloggers Goats on the Road, who had lived there a few years ago.

While I'm not usually one to plan that much for short trips, I wanted to make sure that I knew what the "Top" things were to do, as well as where we could plan a nice meal for J's birthday. All of this went out of the window as soon as we landed and started liming with J's friend, Anand, as he and his girlfriend graciously hosted us and showed us a great time, from the perspective of a local. We also didn't want to rush from one thing to another, so we really took our time and enjoyed each day to the fullest.

I learned quite quickly that Grenada is one of those places where you need to be there, and to know someone local, to really know what's going on. No amount of Googling could prepare me for such a chilled, fun weekend. That said, I think there's a lot more that can be done to market what's going on in this beautiful, relaxed and unpretentious country. 

While we didn't get to tick of the "Top" things to do in Grenada, I'm so grateful for the time we had there, and can't wait to go back to explore some more!

Here are some of the highlights:

Chilled, laid back vibes all round

From sipping brews and ciders at West Indies Beer Company, swimming and watching the sunset on Grand Anse beach, to sundowners at La Plywood and enjoying a delicious meal at the French Creole cafe Le Papillion, there were so many cool, laid back places to hang out and enjoy yourself.

Dinghy Concert

This was such a great event! The dinghy concert is a concert that can be attended by boat, barge or dingy! Dieter Burkhalter, who owns a hotel called Le Phare Bleu, started the Dinghy Concerts in an attempt to marry two of his passions: Music and sailing! This event is hosted a few times per year and each event is unique, with a different band. It's open to the public and there is a shuttle and a barge, so the dinghy concerts are not exclusively for sailors. This band featured a local reggae artist name Thamara "Songbird" St Bernard, and she kept us jamming for over 2 hours!
Fun fact: One song of each concert has to be about Grenada!

Underwater Sculpture Park

I have been a fan of Jason deCaires Taylor's work for as long as I can remember, so I was the most excited about visiting one of his first underwater sculpture parks, which was first installed in 2006. We took a small boat from our hotel to the Molinere Beauséjour Marine park and spent about 1.5 hours snorkelling around. A ring of 26 children holding hands, called Vicissitudes, is one of the most recognised of Taylor's work and seeing it in person took my breath away (literally, I nearly choked on my snorkel when we swam up to it because I was so excited). Visiting the sculptures was one of the highlights of the weekend, and I will be blogging about this particular experience in more detail separately.

Hog Island

Hog island is a tiny island off of the south coast of Grenada. It's a favourite weekend anchorage spot amongst sailors and a playground for dog owners. We took a small boat to get there and stayed until the sun went down; chatting and mingling, listening to a live reggae band who also come in by boat and just enjoying the atmosphere. By this point, I think I've used "chilled" far too many times in this post, but Hog Island was the epitome of laid back, Caribbean living.

I can't wait to go back and visit again, there's so much to do and experience there, I feel like we only just scratched the surface. Have you ever been to Grenada? What were some of the highlights for you? 


  1. This looks incredible! Also omg, I can't wait to read more about your visit to the underwater sculptures, it looks magical!

  2. What an awesome trip! That underwater sculpture park seems so cool. And that concert sounds fun too. Definitely adding this to my bucket list!

  3. Wow. I never knew these things about Grenada. It looks like I should put it on my list of places to visit next year. The pictures look also wonderful.

  4. I would love to do more exploring of the Caribbean! The dinghy concert sounds like so much fun! I don't know about those underwater sculptures though...they look a bit creepy! :P

  5. My oh my ... what a beautiful place ! I’ve heard a lot about Grenada and would love to visit ‘ your pictures are gorgeous !

    Also just curious do you work on blogger blogs or know someone that does? I am not so tech with some things and need some work done . There are very few that do cuz most are on WP . I do know one girl who has done work for me but she is always way too back logged ..

    If you do know someone my email is Thank you !

  6. Oops wrong email

  7. I've always wanted to see those underwater sculptures. Are they all over the Caribbean or are they just in Grenada?

  8. Wow Grenada looks so stunning, how amazing to visit that Underwater Sculpture Park. And I love island hopping and beach is so inviting too!

  9. I have never been there but I would love to be there. Such a lovely place. Seems you had a great time. Thanks for sharing us. Definitely Grenada is an amazing place for travelling.