May 29, 2019


Hi Dear Blog Readers,

A few of you have asked me about the radio silence on my blog so I wanted to give a little update.

I've been MIA on this blog, for a number of reasons, but mainly due to lots of technical issues. I can bore some of you on the details below, but basically, when I started this blog 8+ years ago, I whipped it all together on Tumblr, and then later on to Blogger, with little thought about the future of this blog and as a result, this blog is now a bit of a digital mess.

I plan to migrate everything over to Wordpress, so that this blog can continue to grow more sustainably. I didn't want to continue posting on here until I had it all sorted, but that may take a little while as I'm not much of a techie when it comes to this stuff. If any of you have ever done this kind of thing before and can offer some advice or resources, please send them my way!

I've been taking some time to figure out my options, and I hope to have this all done by the summer. This blog is and has always been a hobby for me, so unfortunately this task is not high on my list of priorities right now. I do miss writing and posting but in the mean time, I am still sharing little snippets on my Instagram profile and my Facebook page

Thanks to everyone who has reached out about this, it's nice to have conversations in real life about my blog, I really appreciate it. I hope to be able to update everyone on this soon!


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