My story

Skip to Malou is a Caribbean lifestyle and sustainable travel blog, based in Barbados.
Since 2010, Skip to Malou has been a space for me to share personal stories about my travels across the globe, Caribbean culture, the ocean, mindful living, and everything in between.

About Malou

My name is Malou [Pronounced Mah - Loo]
I'm a half Bajan/half Dutchie island girl who was bitten by the travel bug at a very young age. I grew up in the Caribbean, studied and worked overseas for a number of years before following my heart back to Barbados. I am a social entrepreneur, communications consultant and purpose driven professional by day, and you can read more about what I do on

About this blog

On this blog, you'll find a mix of stories and posts about my life in the Caribbean, sustainable travel, community projects and other stuff sprinkled in between. My blog continues to evolve with me, and it's changed a lot since I first started!
  • Caribbean Lifestyle: Though I love sharing stories about the beach, Carnivals and other Caribbean trademarks, I'm also passionate about changing the single story of the Caribbean, and more specifically, of my home, Barbados. There is a lot of change happening in this region and I am committed to sharing content that shows the sustainable tourism practices, the off-the-beaten-track activities, events and insider knowledge. I also love anything to do with the ocean, whether it's diving, surfing, snorkelling, yachting or swimming!
  • Sustainable travel is something I feel strongly about, and one of my goals is to help Barbados become on of the top sustainable travel destinations in the world. I am a Visit.Org Ambassador, a Good Travels Advisor, and certified in Sustainable Tourism with The Travel Foundation.
  • Community projects will pop up a lot on here, as I'm involved in a number of initiatives such as Giving Tuesday, Slow Food and the Global Shapers Community.
  • Mindful living is sprinkled throughout this blog, as I try to become a more conscious consumer and try my best to navigate mindful living!
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